So, I’m not quite sure what to write for this post. I thought that I would use a prompt on the web, but nothing seemed super interesting to me. So, maybe I’ll just type until something comes up. Today I’ve been reading some stuff that brought me down a bit. Mostly about feminism and depression. Not in the same article, but they’re both applicable to me. The article regarding feminism I read was about a guy saying that if the girl who was assaulted in the Brock Turner case had been “more responsible,” it might have turned out differently. So, that was frustration number one. Number two was reading about other people’s descriptions of what it’s like to live with both depression and anxiety. It wasn’t upsetting, but it was definitely something to think about. I’ve also been watching a show called “Good Girls Revolt,” and it’s amazing to think that very little has actually changed in over fifty years. 


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