2017 Resolutions

1. Buy nothing challenge

So, I’ve decided to do a buy nothing challenge for 2017. I figured that I can start by writing out some of my thoughts. There are a few things that I will be allowing myself to buy. These are a new mount for my engagement ring, a new sofa (once Martin and I find a place after my lease is up), and items that I need that wear out or get used up.

I’ve also already wanted to buy a few various items and it’s only three days into the new year!!! These include a new day planner and a new backpack. I don’t know why I feel I “need” these things, since the ones I’ve already got are perfectly fine.

I also want to work more on being zero-waste. It’s tricky, but I think I can get back to just a bag of garbage per week. (Though it is tricky now that there are two in the apartment.)

2. Get back into running.

This resolution will have multiple aspects to it. Since my hip has been hurting, I plan on making an appointment with my doctor to get a referral for physical therapy. In the mean time, I want to start doing (hot) yoga again and start going to the gym on a regular basis. I might have to start doing this early in the morning, since I know I’m a bit of a flake if I leave it until the evening. I’ll also start going to runs with Team RWB on Wednesdays.

3. Graduate school (specifically CRES)

I want to pursue a graduate degree and I think this is the year to do it. I wanted to do it last year, but I wasn’t quite ready, both emotionally and intellectually. I think after I’ve graduated and worked for a few months, I’ll be in a better place. Actually, I’m already in a better place, especially since I’ve been focusing on self-care.




Less Waste

I’ve been pursuing minimalism for awhile now and though it’s a continuous process, I’ve learned a few tricks for reducing my plastic consumption! Some steps I take include: 

-Buying goods in bulk, such as oatmeal, treats, etc. 

-Refilling my spice jars (which falls under bulk, I suppose.)

-Using a shampoo bar instead  of regular shampoo and conditioner in plastic bottles. 

-Using a stainless steel water bottle and a reusable coffee cup.


So, I’m not quite sure what to write for this post. I thought that I would use a prompt on the web, but nothing seemed super interesting to me. So, maybe I’ll just type until something comes up. Today I’ve been reading some stuff that brought me down a bit. Mostly about feminism and depression. Not in the same article, but they’re both applicable to me. The article regarding feminism I read was about a guy saying that if the girl who was assaulted in the Brock Turner case had been “more responsible,” it might have turned out differently. So, that was frustration number one. Number two was reading about other people’s descriptions of what it’s like to live with both depression and anxiety. It wasn’t upsetting, but it was definitely something to think about. I’ve also been watching a show called “Good Girls Revolt,” and it’s amazing to think that very little has actually changed in over fifty years. 


So, it’s National Blog Posting Month. For awhile now, I’ve been wanting to do something creative and this challenge seems like a good start for me. I’ll be posting about different things as they come up, in addition to using the prompts provided on the site. šŸ™‚ I’m pretty into minimalism and organizing, in addition to other things, so this blog will be pretty random until I find my groove.