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Less Waste

I’ve been pursuing minimalism for awhile now and though it’s a continuous process, I’ve learned a few tricks for reducing my plastic consumption! Some steps I take include:  -Buying goods in bulk, such as oatmeal, treats, etc.  -Refilling my spice jars (which falls under bulk, I suppose.) -Using a shampoo bar instead  of regular shampoo … Continue reading Less Waste


So, I’m not quite sure what to write for this post. I thought that I would use a prompt on the web, but nothing seemed super interesting to me. So, maybe I’ll just type until something comes up. Today I’ve been reading some stuff that brought me down a bit. Mostly about feminism and depression. … Continue reading RamblingsĀ 


So, it’s National Blog Posting Month. For awhile now, I’ve been wanting to do something creative and this challenge seems like a good start for me. I’ll be posting about different things as they come up, in addition to using the prompts provided on the site. šŸ™‚ I’m pretty into minimalism and organizing, in addition … Continue reading NaBloPoMo

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